Jessie has a thing for foxes, which probably explains why she’s best friends with me.





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I was bein real obnoxious and I kept saying ‘it be dark it be real dark’ in every room and then my mom told me to shut up so I did

You wrote that, ya dope.
Joan Baez to Bob Dylan, the first time he heard “Love Is Just a Four-Letter Word” on a radio and said it was a real good tune (via joan-chandos-baez)
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Mickey Dolenz 


Mickey Dolenz 

sometimes I rewind like a rolling stone 8 times because the beginning is BLOOD BOILIN

right!? I saw it and I was so shocked haha but it was pretty neat. All of Montmartre was amazing, it was so full of musicians and painters and all kinds of art!

Im so glad you enjoyed this Zoe!!! Sounds like a great trip, you’re so lucky. And the picture is neat im surprised you got great quality of it. I love it im really happy you enjoyed it :)

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Song: Take Me Home, Country Roads
Artist: John Denver
Album: Poems, Prayers and Promises
Plays: 255


"Take Me Home, Country Roads"-John Denver from Poems, Prayers and Promises. 

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I’ve had really awful self esteem lately and I’ve just been feeling really bad about myself and I’m just like so over it omg tomorrow I’m gonna let my hair go natural and I’m gonna wear a cute outfit and do my makeup and go to all my classes and smile @ my crush and listen to my favourite tunes and just be happy!!!!! fake it till u make it

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mona lisa, mona lisa, men have named you



Jan Ironside

thick paint is almost erotic 2 me



Jan Ironside

thick paint is almost erotic 2 me