When Ted Bundy was on trial he carved his name into a Orange County Courthouse table.


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its like the entire beach was glowing 

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Naomi photographed by Hao Zeng , Harper’s Bazaar Mexico and Latin America September 2014 

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remember when you didn’t memorize all of your favorite band member’s hair eras hahahaha a ahhh good times :’)

Bob Dylan didn’t and doesn’t care and I love it so dang much

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if we’re mutually following each other i’m going to go between two extremes:

  • replying to your text posts like we’re best friends when we’re not
  • acting like i don’t know you exist because i don’t want you to think i’m coming on too strong

both of these things mean i want to be your friend i am just socially awkward as hell


Harper Valley PTA // Jeannie C. Riley

does anyone else also mess up on their drawings whenever they are NOT satisfied with the pencil they’re using this pencil feels like a third grader wtf

Smokey is on the radio oh baby!!!!!!!!